Your guide to a wholesome you.

Present mind, kind heart

At Atelier Rebalance, we offer wholesome rituals for the modern Goddess. It is the webapp for practical self-care practices. Through our exercises you’ll learn how to tune in with yourself and how to be kind to yourself.


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Reconnect and Grow

Our rituals are a combination of mindfulness, bodywork and nutritional recipes. Find guidance in areas such as grounding, balance, creativity and kindness. Grow yourself overtime, with our ever-growing library.


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A Wholesome You

We believe that by creating self-awareness you will make kinder choices for yourself.

The kinder you are to yourself, the more wholesome you will feel.


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What people say about our program:

“The exercises are really pleasant and easy to do! You don’t need much time for it and you can even do them while traveling by train, at work or during shopping. I was experiencing panic attacks and due to the exercises, the panic attacks reduced enormously in a short time period!! I highly recommend it!!” – Esmee Katalay

“After each exercise, I can finally feel the blood flowing to my brain again. I feel very relaxed.” – A. Garcia

“It’s hard to describe what I experience exactly after the exercises. I could feel my whole body for the first time when doing “The Acrobat”. I feel calm and breathe better now. Thank you so much Atelier Rebalance for all your wisdom.” – Isa