Tune in with yourself and apply self-care activities based on your current state.

A digital holistic space for well-being

Inspired by ancient Eastern philosophies, Atelier Rebalance offers self-care activities that balance mind, body and emotions. Our online classes in meditation, yoga, self-massage and nutrition, are designed to take care of your well-being. Bring awareness, compassion and balance to all aspects of life with our work.


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Created for compassion

Our vision is to build a world of compassion. We designed our activities for those who seek healing, balance, energy flow, self-understanding, and human connection. We call these “seekers” “the gurus of their own well-being”. The reason is simple. We believe when you take care of yourself, you create space for compassionate engagement with the world around you.


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Be your own guru

Pause and tune in with what you’re thinking, feeling and experiencing. Breathe and create space within. Move and connect with your core. Massage and stimulate flow. Nourish yourself with wholesome foods. Our ever-growing library supports you in becoming the guru of your own well-being.


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Try our activities out for seven days. Our work doesn’t require a download. Just login to our site from any device and start taking care of yourself, anywhere.


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