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Your guide to a wholesome you.

The Art of Tea

The Art of Tea is an online mindfulness program that trains the busy mind to be more present. Like any other muscle, you need to train your mindfulness muscle often for beneficial effects. Learn how to become aware of your mind, body and emotions through our training. Learn how to keep returning back to the present moment with our easy to do exercises.    



Find your inner Buddha

The Art of Tea offers:

  • One exercise each week, carefully curated by our mindfulness teacher, to grow daily awareness
  • Short mindful theater exercises that cover anxiety, stress, creativity, compassion and communication
  • “Find your inner Buddha daily” within the paper theater
  • A weekly challenge to deepen your practice
  • Quizzes at random moments to keep you present
  • A meditation teacher that answers questions
  • A meditation teacher that checks in with you


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Stay present, life happens.

4 reasons why:

  • Life can be overwhelming; train the mind to not get carried away
  • Be present and experience calmness in the body and mind
  • Create daily breathing space
  • Boost joy and creativity with the “beginner’s mind”


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What people say about our program:

“The exercises are really pleasant and easy to do! You don’t need much time for it and you can even do them while traveling by train, at work or during shopping. I was experiencing panic attacks and due to the exercises, the panic attacks reduced enormously in a short time period!! I highly recommend it!!” – Esmee Katalay

“After each exercise, I can finally feel the blood flowing to my brain again. I feel very relaxed.” – A. Garcia

“It’s hard to describe what I experience exactly after the exercises. I could feel my whole body for the first time when doing “The Acrobat”. I feel calm and breathe better now. Thank you so much Atelier Rebalance for all your wisdom.” – Isa