About Mai Lombardi - Atelier Rebalance
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A word from Mai Lombardi


When I was young I wanted to heal all the worries and sorrows of the people around me. I would share words of comfort or showed them an act of kindness to soften their hearts.
The older I got, the more I realized that no one can relieve anyone’s sorrow but themselves.


From a young age I found peace and comfort in Buddhist teachings, meditation and creating theater worlds. People around me tended to find the same once I shared this wisdom.


After I realized that no one can liberate themselves from suffering, but themselves, I decided to teach other people how to do so.


The past years I have worked with people through performance art, massage therapy, yoga and mindfulness. I taught them how to reconnect with their mind, body and feeling. From here, people tend to find peace by being in the moment.


It became clear to me that I wanted to focus on and continue teaching others how to be present. With “The Art of Tea”, I combine my passion for theater and mindfulness. I hope it will bring you peace and kindness from within.


Namasté, Mai