Our mission is to guide the modern Goddess

to a present mind and a kind heart.

A word from Mai Lombardi.


The rough idea for this platform came in 2015, while I was recovering from a burnout. My tendency was to place other people and work above myself. After a chain reaction of life-changing events, my body and mind stopped functioning properly. Our bed was my new best friend.


I realized this was no way to live and decided to put my newfound knowledge in holistic work to practice. With dedication to practical practices, I was able to recover from the burnout and break free from old patterns. In doing so, I am now aware of my current state of being and know how to be kind to myself. I decided to dedicate my life to teaching others how to do the same.

For the modern Goddess


In the past years I have been guiding individuals and corporate organizations to self-awareness and taught them how to take care of themselves with practical practices.

During this time, my heart mostly went out to the beautiful strong women that had lost their connection with their divine energy. By providing them the right tools, they were able to reconnect with this energy and radiate from within.


These experiences have taught me what my mission is: to teach modern Goddesses how to be present and kinder to themselves, so they can grow, shine and inspire others to do the same.


Please feel free to reach out to us to say hi or to discuss wholesome rituals.



Mai Lombardi