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About Us

A mindfulness program

The Art of Tea is an online mindfulness program to help the busy mind be more present. Life can be overwhelming sometimes, whether pleasantly or unpleasantly. It is not easy to make time to meditate if you’re caught up in daily life.

It’s like going to the gym; it’s something you will do tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, you postpone it again. Instead if you have a goal, you’re suddenly out there running on the treadmill. When you’ve reached the desired target, you may or may not continue. It all depends on circumstances.


A buddy along the way

The Art of Tea is not a magical program that will make you mindful. If you don’t exercise your mindfulness muscle often, then we cannot do much for you.

But what if we’d set an intention together right from the start? When you have a buddy along the way, it makes things easier. We’ll do our best to help you train your mind with our playful mindfulness exercises. We’ll check in with you now and then to see if you’re still on the mindful path. All you need to do is return to the exercises as much as possible. Sounds easy, right?


It’s okay if you lose sight of your practice at times. If you start to accept that everything comes and goes, just like your practice, you are taking the first step to a present mind. Our intention is to get you to a point, where you recognize the time to return back to the present moment.


Be curious, be kind, be present

The Art of Tea is inspired by Japanese tea ceremonies. We create little paper tea worlds where you can find your Inner Buddha daily. Our exercises are written to help you cultivate a more curious, kind and present mind. New to mindfulness? We’ll guide you from the beginning, until you decide that you’ve mastered The Art of Tea.