Have you ever wondered why?


Have you ever wondered why you are experiencing physical complaints without a clear reason? Perhaps you feel tired or feel lower back or neck pain without cause.


Maybe you do know the cause, but don’t know how to move past it. Often physical complaints come from past experiences that haven’t been healed. If you feel stuck and want to get unstuck, then this consultation might be for you.

I reconnect you with your own strength to heal yourself.


In the past years, I have been approached to work with individuals for many different reasons. Some experienced neck and shoulder pain, or dealt with sudden skin problems. Some dealt with anxiety, or were close to, or in a burnout. Some clients had an overactive mind and some found it hard to say no to others.


Whatever their issue, the intention for working with me was the same. Everyone wished to feel better, resolve their complaints or learn how to deal with them.


I believe that we all possess the capacity to heal ourselves from the examples above. By reconnecting with our own strength, becoming aware of the cause and having the right tools, we can live a more balanced life. Through these principles, we also learn how to prevent the complaints from getting worse.

This is what we’re going to do during the online consultation.


During the one-hour consultation, we are going to talk about the situation you’re in. We look at your complaints from a holistic point of view. I’ll help you translate your pain points to chakras that need your attention to help you better understand which areas in life require balancing and how you can do so.


We shine light on your strengths and guide you to what you can do to heal yourself with concrete exercises from our webapp. But most of all, you’ll have someone who listens to you with their full attention. Who’ll ask questions to help you move forward. Who’ll think along with you with openness.


After this consultation, you’ll:


  1. Feel heard
  2. Understand where your complaints stem from
  3. Understand your complaints on a chakra level
  4. Have concrete tips on how to move forward
  5. Two check-in moments per e-mail to see how things are going


Free bonus:


  1. Two-weeks access to our webapp to start creating balance within yourself (applies only when you book a consult for the first time).


Our webapp offers practical self-care practices combining mindfulness and bodywork exercises, as well as nutritional recipes. Through our exercises you’ll learn how to tune in with yourself and how to be kind to yourself by taking care of your mind, body and emotions. By using our webapp, you become your own wellness guru so you can live a balanced and compassionate life.


What others say about our webapp: “The exercises on the webapp help me to prevent complaints I used to have. When I feel discomfort coming up, I now know which exercise to do to help release it. I feel great afterwards.” – Laura

What does a booking look like?


  1. You can book your online consultation through this linkPlease note that you aren’t able to schedule a consult between March 14 – June 28 2020. 
  2. After the payment is processed successfully, you’ll receive an e-mail to schedule a consultation in my calendar.
  3. I will confirm the consultation by e-mail. If you haven’t received the confirmation, your appointment isn’t final yet.
  4. The confirmation e-mail also contains my Skype details.
  5. You’ll receive a reminder per e-mail, one day before the meeting takes place.
  6. At the confirmed date and time, we will meet on Skype to have our consultation.
  7. After the consultation you’ll receive a brief summary of the meeting per e-mail, as well as your login details for the two-week webapp trial.
  8. I will check-in twice through e-mail during the agreed time frame, to see how things are going. You can share your process or ask questions about it during this e-mail moment.